Great products are a result of flexible collaboration and genuine commitment.
Our job is to support your product development and supply you with reliable, high quality plastic parts - no matter how simple or challenging the product.

We have been delivering injection molded parts and goods to both industry and consumers for more than 30 years.

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We have been ordering injection-molded parts for our paper machine unit from Leomuovi Oy for more than ten years. Our technical requirements for precise dimensions, surface smoothness and chemical resistance of components are very strict. With the help of the plastic parts made by Leomuovi, we have been able to replace expensive steel elements and make our production more efficient and flexible, which benefits both our company and our customers. Collaboration with Leomuovi´s team is always smooth and effective.

Janne Lappi, 
Development Manager

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Our expertise

  • Product design
  • Mold making
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics

Are you developing a new product that requires plastic components?
Please feel free to contact our team.
We will provide you with

- Expertise in designing plastic components or entire product
- Technical drawings
- Plastic rapid prototypes made using silicone molds, 3D additive or machining techniques such as SLS, SLA and CNC
- The design of molding tools
Please involve us as early as possible in the product development process.
With a little help from our team, you can bring your design concept in line with contemporary injection and compression molding techniques. By making small adjustments in the development phase before creating the final product design you can achieve significant savings and avoid costly changes and issues in the production process.

Please download our plastic part designer checklist to help you with ordering of injection molding parts.

Our team will offer you customized manufacturing services that meet your needs. We can flexibly deliver several hundred to several million pieces per year.

Our specialists have broad experience in and great passion for injection molding and compression molding. We develop and manufacture both consumer goods and applications for different industries. Our team processes commodity plastics as well as engineering and high-performance compounds and special formulations tailored to meet specific customer needs.

You can find our products all around you – in doors and windows, the ends of ventilation tubes, the sauna or the steam bath. You use them in the garden when you water your plants. They are grips, handles and small invisible parts in various machines.

Our products are used in numerous industries, for example:

- Construction
- Electronics
- Ventilation and air conditioning
- Metal working
- Furniture manufacturing
- Machinery

Our team benefits from long-term collaboration with several mold manufacturing workshops in Finland and abroad. Through our international partner network, we will provide you with injection-molding tools to meet your technical specifications and budget requirements.

The mold manufacturing process in a nutshell:
1. The final 3D CAD files or technical drawings are sent to the mold manufacturing workshop
2. The moldability and assembly of the plastic products are checked and evaluated for a second time
3. Possible additional design changes are discussed and agreed on with you
4. The manufacturing process is started
5. Samples are sent to you for testing and evaluation
6. The accepted injection molding tools are delivered to Leomuovi Oy's site
7. Our team begins production of the plastic parts

After we have molded and assembled the ordered products, we will deliver them in the form and to a place of your choice.

- Packed in single end-user level packages or in bulk
- Equipped with labels according to your specification, e.g. with your logo and company information
- No restrictions for minimal batch volume
- Delivered either through your logistics partner or ours
Our factory has an excellent location at the crossroads of the main railway and road transport routes in Southern Finland, allowing fast and smooth deliveries.

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Leomuovi Oy is our main partner in the development and production of plastic components for our ventilation systems. In the product design phase, we always benefit among other things from their strong material selection expertise. Our components require great dimensional precision, consistent quality and mechanical strength and durability. Leomuovi Oy has been meeting our expectations by offering us comprehensive manufacturing services and parts at the most competitive price for more than 20 years.

Jari Hokkanen, Product Development Manager


Our team has a passion for plastics and inventions. We are continuously developing our own products, and also finding and popularising genuine practical solutions for consumers as well as different industries. Here are some examples of our products.


Accessories for floral arrangements

Products for

Practical solutions for an easy everyday life


High quality grips and knobs for different industrial applications

For builders &
DIY masters

Smart solutions for builders


Our customer base consists of small companies as well as stock exchange listed groups. We focus on offering consistent customized services and products to all our customers at competitive prices.

Meet our team

Leomuovi Oy started its journey as an independent plastic injection molding company in 1984, when Leo Koskinen decided to buy the plastic part production unit of the ventilation systems manufacturer Lapinleimu Oy. Starting in 2001, two energetic entrepreneurs - Risto Kalliainen and Sami Rantala - together with our team of resourceful injection molding specialists have continued to develop and diversify our production of plastic parts.

Thanks to our joint efforts and enthusiasm to create valuable products, Leomuovi Oy is growing sustainably and continuously. Nowadays our factory manufactures a broad palette of customized industrial components and appliances from different commodity and engineering plastics. Every year we add new products to our own product portfolio.

Our customer base is growing both in Finland and abroad. Products made by Leomuovi are now used on all continents.

Risto Kalliainen
+358 40 848 4716

Sami Rantala
+358 40 554 9494

Virpi Lähteenmäki
Sales Assistant
+358 44 547 3344

Katja Falcão
Marketing Manger
+358 44 793 0033

Susanna Lehtonen
On maternity leave, substitute Jonna Jokela

Heidi Suomela-Uotila
Sales Manager & Export Sales
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Gala Kerezova
Parental leave

Jonna Jokela
Manufacturing Engineer
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